Timo as Tourguide

Timo with Doron Almog, the founder of ALEH Negev and Jem Lester, the writer of “Shtum” a novel on his autistic child.

Timo a volunteer from Germany exhibits many giftings at ALEH Negev. He is very loved with the residents and care takers, and not to forget the social service girls ☺. He also likes to make vlogs about his life in Israel and at ALEH. But when people come to visit ALEH, he also likes to help guide them around and share his personal story, why as a German he decided to come and volunteer in Israel.

Today Jem Lester and his wife visited ALEH Negev. Jem is father to a severely autistic son, the experience of which led to the writing of his debut novel, Shtum. Shtum follows a British family struggling to cope with a severely autistic, mute 11-year-old boy, and trying to secure appropriate care for him in a residential home. Timo was happy to meet with them and share about his time at ALEH as a volunteer.