ALEH Staff

Etti Ben-Dayan
Residential Homes Director, ALEH Negev

Etti is Director of the Residential Homes and High-Dependency Wing at ALEH Negev. In this capacity, she is responsible for the well-being and daily activity of all Village residents, to include both those who are mobile and those requiring supportive care, and infants and children in the High Dependency Hospital Wing. She establishes policies and […]

Avner Broker
Operations Manager, ALEH Negev

As Operations Manager at ALEH Negev, Avner Broker is responsible for all maintenance and logistics involved in the smooth operation of the Village on a daily basis. This complex task includes employment and supervision of drivers and of all maintenance staff responsible for cleaning, security, kitchen, laundry and gardening. It also involves the upkeep of […]

Rachel Fishheimer
Special Education School Principal, ALEH Jerusalem

As Principal of the Special Education School at ALEH Jerusalem, Rachel Fishheimer is in charge of the planning and implementation of each child’s individual education plan. In so doing, she guides a multidisciplinary team of teachers, paramedical therapists and aides within the school framework. She oversees study days and professional meetings for the school staff, […]

Rikki Freulich
Head Nurse, ALEH Jerusalem

Rikki has been Head Nurse at ALEH Jerusalem for the last 9 years. Her extensive experience and qualification as a registered nurse are especially important in her work with ALEH’s special needs population of dependent children with complex medical conditions. Rikki works closely with the physician at ALEH to ensure high-quality individualized medical care for […]

Debbie Golan
Social Worker, ALEH Jerusalem

With a master’s in social work, Debbie has 12 years’ experience working at ALEH. She is responsible for the acceptance and acclimation of all new children at ALEH, and serves as a liaison with government ministries, community schools, hospitals, insurances, local authorities and other institutions in all matters pertaining to the children’s well-being. Debbie works […]

Odri Hadad
Psychologist, ALEH Jerusalem

Odri Hadad is ALEH Jerusalem’s highly acclaimed psychologist. She helps set policy for the children’s acclimation and treatment, establishes behavioral programs and is involved with parents on an ongoing basis. In addition, she leads professional meetings for the multidisciplinary staff. Within the ALEH Jerusalem Special Education School, Odri coordinates the multidisciplinary educational and school staff, […]

Tami Kashten
Deputy Director, ALEH Jerusalem

As Deputy Director of ALEH Jerusalem, Tami works in tandem with the director of the facility. Her responsibilities include acceptance and training of new employees, overseeing technical upgrades and ensuring their accessibility to staff. Tami also advances a variety of projects for the benefit of the children. She publicizes the programs, conducts events, and coordinates […]

Rivki Keesing
Director, Research and Professional Training

After attaining her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, Rivki received on the job training in a number of child development centers. In 2003, Rivki joined the staff at ALEH Jerusalem. With additional certification in 2006 as an NDT/Bobath therapist, Rivki assumed the dual role of managing the occupational therapy program and serving as Director of […]

Chagit Landesman
Paramedical Services Coordinator, ALEH Negev

Chagit Landesman is Director of ALEH Negev’s Paramedical Center. Within the framework of her position, she hires and supervises therapeutic support staff, orders paramedical equipment, and designs therapy work plans for all residents. Chagit had helped develop the center’s outpatient clinic and continues to guide its daily operations, including the Child Development Center and Day […]

Ruti Peri
Physiotherapist, ALEH Jerusalem

A physiotherapist with 13 years experience in ALEH, Ruti is responsible for all orthopedic treatment and follow-up for the children, working with a staff of pediatric specialists and the medical and therapy staff of ALEH in the design and implementation of physiotherapy plans.  She is in charge of all aspects of designing and fitting seating […]

Osnat Segal
Alternative Communication Therapy Coordinator, ALEH Bnei Brak

Mrs. Osnat Segal is Coordinator of Alternative Communication Therapy at ALEH Bnei Brak. In this capacity, she directs the speech, language and communication therapists in the paramedical department, and helps plan individualized treatment programs for the children. She also guides the special education staff in communication methods and techniques to be practiced on a daily […]

Dorit Shalom
Special Education School Principal, ALEH Negev

As Principal of ALEH Negev’s Special Education School, Dorit directs a large staff of educational professionals and therapists in their work with ALEH Negev resident and community children. Dorit sets work guidelines with an emphasis on professionalism and individual education plans. In so doing, she contributes her extensive experience in communication therapy, with specialization in […]

Yael Shidlovsky- Press
Paramedical Services Coordinator, ALEH Gedera

Yael is Director of Paramedical Services at ALEH Moriah in Gedera. She holds a master’s in occupational therapy, and specializes in work with people who have cognitive disabilities. Her responsibilities include training, developing and directing a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and communication therapists and rehabilitative assistants. During Yael’s 11 years at ALEH […]

Rachely Teller
Volunteers Coordinator, ALEH Jerusalem

Rachely coordinates a team of 300 plus volunteers who work at ALEH Jerusalem on a weekly basis, as well as ongoing visitors and volunteer groups from Israel and abroad. In addition, she ensures the help of extra volunteers during holidays and vacations. Her responsibilities include organization of training sessions, meetings and incentives for volunteers in […]

Ruti Wallach
House Mother, ALEH Jerusalem

As House Mother at ALEH Jerusalem, Ruti is responsible for purchasing and laundering all of the children’s clothing. She oversees the kitchen staff, ensuring that the dietary needs of each and every child are met. In addition, Ruti is in charge of the cleanliness of the residential quarters, specialized equipment, and organization of the storage […]

Shraga Evers
Director of Marketing & Development, Europe

Shraga is ALEH’s Director of Marketing and Development for Europe, promoting ALEH’s four facilities. Shraga develops and implements marketing strategies in communities across Europe in order to gain awareness and support for ALEH in its vital mission to bring hope to children with severe disabilities. Working closely with both governmental and non-governmental European organizations, Shraga […]

Avnet Kleiner
Director of Development, ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran

As Director of Development for ALEH Negev in the USA and Canada, Avnet works closely with the JNF to promote Israel’s unique rehabilitation village in communities across North America. Avnet’s extensive experience in the world of nonprofits includes the founding of ALFA, which advances the rights of Israeli Holocaust survivors; and WhatIsrael, which promotes positive […]

Liron Rosiner Reshef
Director, British Friends of ALEH

Liron is the Director of British Friends of ALEH , and is responsible for operations, fundraising, PR and marketing in the UK. Together with our devoted trustees and committee members, Liron is working to raise awareness of ALEH’s work, and to organise fundraising events to benefit ALEH’s children.

Dov Hirth
Marketing & Development

Dov Hirth is an active member of ALEH’s Marketing & Development team. His many responsibilities include maintenance of the ALEH website, management of fundraising campaigns, bar mitzvah and school projects, and coordination of volunteers and visitors to ALEH. Dov’s personal warmth, enthusiasm and commitment resonate with supporters of ALEH worldwide, as he guides children, parents, […]