The “Queens for a Day” program has become a Chanukah tradition at ALEH Jerusalem. This is a special day of pampering for the girls, during which they rotate through stations where they get made up, have their nails polished, their hair done, and get special treats to eat – in short, they feel like queens!  Some 66 pampered girl-queens participated in the activity and had a fantastic time. All of the services were donated by professionals in the field of cosmetics and beauty, who were absolutely thrilled to give ALEH Jerusalem’s girls a treat.

This year, while our girls were busy becoming queens, our boys were becoming soldiers! With special décor, uniforms, camouflage makeup and lots of special activities, the boys had a wonderful time! Elite units were saluted, prizes were given for outstanding service, and there was even a roll call with “real” soldiers, who had come to light Chanukah candles with the residents following the activity. The boys moved through stations where they were assigned to various military missions, and they also made gift packages for the visiting soldiers. Some 50 boy-soldiers participated in the event. It was a day of true male bonding for ALEH Jerusalem’s boys.

Both of these special activities were organized by our wonderful and dedicated National Service girls, together with other volunteers who came to help specifically with this unique day. Our kids send royal thanks and military salutes to all of them!