New Recycled Garden at ALEH Bnei Brak

This week, ALEH’s special education school in Bnei Brak unveiled its brand new recycled garden, a labor of love constructed entirely from plastic bottles by the ALEH residents and staff.  After several months of development, this beautiful and truly unique exhibition is now open to the public with the hopes that it will highlight the importance of protecting our environment and increase recycling efforts across Israel.

While ALEH’s dedicated special educational team did the actual cutting, shaping and planting in the garden, the ALEH residents contributed to the coloring and design process – each child and young adult according to his or her motor abilities.  Because each class in the school is named after a different kind of flower, it was easy for each group to decide which flower they would create.

The project falls in line with the activities of the ELA Recycling Corporation, an Israeli not for profit organization that promotes recycling and increased social and environmental responsibility.  Thanks to ELA, the State of Israel has become one of the world leaders in recycling, with 59% of all plastic drinking containers being recycled rather than buried.  ALEH salutes the ELA Recycling Corporation in its continued efforts to keep pollution at bay.