New School Wing

Cost: $25,0000

Establishing 2 new classrooms at ALEH’s special education school in Gedera, enabling the acceptance of another 16 children with multiple disabilities.  The classrooms will feature SMART technology aimed at enabling every child to communicate and learn new concepts.

Community Home

Cost: $800,000

Establishing a home within the local Gedera community for youngsters with multiple disabilities, promoting inclusion and independence.  The new community home will be a home to 14 children and youth from age 7 with moderate to severe developmental disabilities, who do not require constant medical and supportive care.

Model Therapeutic Apartment

Cost: $50,000

Establishing a model apartment for residents to practice basic daily living skills, including dishwashing, operating washing machine, laundry folding and sorting…

Outdoor Playground

Cost: $250,000

Create an outdoor playground with specialized equipment for children with multiple disabilities at ALEH C.A.R.E.S., a new rehabilitative educational center currently under construction in central Israel.

Educational Wing

Cost: $500,000

Sponsor a floor of classrooms at ALEH C.A.R.E.S., a new rehabilitative educational center currently under construction in central Israel.

Conference Auditorium

Cost: $50,000

Establishing a large, pleasant conference auditorium to accommodate hundreds of visitors who come to see ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran and understand its role in Tikkun Olam

Hydrotherapy Pool

Cost: $1,000,000

Build a hydrotherapy pool at ALEH Bnei Brak and offer its residents the benefits of hydrotherapy on an ongoing basis. The pool will serve a wide range of people with special needs who vary in terms of their mobility, cognitive and physical abilities, and type and severity of medical conditions (including high dependency patients).


Computer Games and Applications

Cost: $500

Specially designed computer applications and games open up a whole new world to children with disabilities, enhancing communication and cognitive skills and providing hours of entertainment and fun.

Electric Wheelchair

Cost: $10,000

An electric wheelchair gives ALEH children with mobility impairments the freedom to get around on their own bymoving a specialized joystick attached to the chair.

Electronic Thermometer

Cost: $270

Measures temperature with precision.

Eye Toy

Cost: $350

Stimulates interest, activity and communication by responding to the slightest movement of the head or hand. Especially suitable for children with visual impairments.

Suction Machine

Cost: $1,000

Drains excess saliva, thereby preventing recurrent pneumonia and hospitalizations for children with respiratory difficulties. Easily accessible with a specialized mobile cart.

Kangaroo Feeder Pump

Cost: $800

Enables children to receive the nutrients they need in a safe, controlled manner.

Specialized Bed

Cost: $1,500

Aesthetically pleasing and hospital approved.

Specialized Eating Utensils

Cost: $3,000

Specialized eating utensils enable our children to eat independently. The utensils have features like double handed mugs, partitioned plates with high sides, flexible cups, sure grip spoons, oversized spoons etc.

Ceiling Hoist

Cost: $7,200

Enables safe, dignified transference of immobile young adults.

Sensory Toys

Cost: $9,000

Provides sensory stimulation for children with visual and hearing impairments through sound, motion and flashing lights.

Mobile Communications System

Cost: $16,200

Includes a vocal output system and switchboard with pictures, letters and dials, all in an accessible, mobile system.

Specialized Playground Equipment

Cost: $80,000

Provides specialized bird’s nest swings and a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round for ALEH’s Rooftop Playground.

Dynamic Stander

Cost: $900

Provides standing support for children with severe physical disabilities, thereby maximizing
Independence, proper joint alignment, and interaction with the surrounding environment.

Mobile Ultrasound

Cost: $2,500

Produces and applies vibrations to specific areas of the body to promote healing, tissue elasticity, and reduction of pain, inflammation and involuntary contractions.

Wheelchair-Accessible Ambulance

Cost: $110,000

Sponsor the purchase of a wheelchair accessible ambulance for the children at ALEH Moriah. All ALEH facilities provide their children with round-the-clock medical care, supervision and preventive treatment for serious medical conditions such as epilepsy, respiratory difficulties and orthopedic complications. When necessary, children are transported to clinics and hospitals for specialized treatment, follow-up, or in case of emergency.


Day Trip

Cost: $500

The children at ALEH delight in a trip to the zoo, beach, picnic spot, Mount Hermon or even the Kotel just like their nondisabled peers. Much logistical planning and special transportation ensure that they, too, can enjoy an exciting and rejuvenating experience – wheelchairs, feeding tubes and all.

Specialized Basketball Session

Cost: $650

With specialized hand-grip balls and hoops, even kids with severe disabilities can enjoy a game of basketball.

Professional Fitness Instructor

Cost: $1,000

Hiring a professional fitness instructor will help ALEH kids derive maximum benefit from the specialized treadmill on premises and thereby improve mobility .

Vocational Training Program

Cost: $3,000

Vocational training offers young adults with cognitive and physical disabilities a meaningful, challenging occupation.

Toy and Puppet Theater Library

Cost: $3,600

A stimulating mobile library with specialized devices provides hours of fun and entertainment.

Annual Staff Trip

Cost: $1,600

A special annual trip will rejuvenate 100 staff members as they enjoy a unique and relaxing full-day excursion.

Medical Specialists Program

Cost: $5,000

Hiring physicians in diverse specialties to treat ALEH’s children on an ongoing basis will help prevent serious medical complications such as early osteoporosis and orthopedic distortions. Hired specialists include a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist, Dietician, Optometrist and more.

Medical Clowns

Cost: $8,000

Using laughter and fun to encourage communication and spread joy.

Volunteers Shabbat

Cost: $660

Sponsor a Volunteers Shabbat at ALEH! Hosting volunteers for the weekend enhances the Shabbat atmosphere for the residents, infusing the Jewish day of rest with a spirit of enthusiasm, joy and fun.  Extra staff on hand also enables the residents to receive lots of personal attention.

Enhanced Hydrotherapy Program

Cost: $25,000

An enhanced hydrotherapy program will impact greatly on the development of those ALEH Negev residents who indicate marked improvement from hydrotherapy.

Therapeutic Safari Petting Zoo Program

Cost: $50,000

ALEH’s animal therapy program provides children with severe disabilities ongoing opportunities for hands-on animal care, offering sensory stimulation, nurture and bonding, practice of motor skills, and vocational work.

Group Hydrotherapy Session

Cost: $100

Weekly hydrotherapy sessions at a spacious local pool provide children at ALEH Jerusalem with a pleasurable, effective form of therapeutic exercise by a trained hydrotherapist.

Overnight Mini Vacation

Cost: $4,000

Whether it’s a trip to the mountains or seaside; a wheelchair-accessible hike in the lap of nature; or a luxurious experience in an elegant hotel, it brings a breath of fresh air for ALEH children. Replete with wheelchairs, respirators and feeding tubes, off they go for a delightful 3-day change in routine and scenery.

Personal Aid Program

Cost: $5,700

At ALEH Jerusalem’s Special Education School, individualized learning programs on a one-to-one personal aid to child basis have made all the difference. National Service girls and other dedicated volunteers have proven critical assets to the success of these programs.

Virtual Reality

Cost: $15,700

With special needs populations, the use of virtual reality as a rehabilitative technique is on the rise. Through simulation of a 3-D real/imaginative reactive environment, it produces improved motor, cognitive, and functional abilities.


Project SafeKids

Cost: $500

Sponsor a training seminar for staff and parents on creating safe conditions for children with special needs.

Volunteer Training Program

Cost: $3,000

Short training courses and seminars are conducted for volunteers on a variety of topics therapy methods, volunteer-child relationships, parental involvement, and more.

Caregiver Safari Training

Cost: $4,000

Providing caregivers with proper training maximizes the benefits of the Safari Therapy Program while augmenting their professional qualifications.

Social Work Enrichment Courses

Cost: $8,000

Ongoing instruction for social work staff aids in the implementation of work practices and builds staff cohesion.