This year, the Chanukah celebrations at ALEH Jerusalem seem to be never-ending! Our residents, of course, have no complaints about this state of affairs!

The festivities began with a pre-Chanukah party. With emphasis on family, residents’ families and staff-members’ children came to join in the fun. Party games were adapted for all ages and abilities, such that both residents and family members could participate. Everyone had a great time, and this was just the beginning….

ALEH Jerusalem’s children have received many generous visitors over the course of the holiday. Among them were soldiers from the armored corps, who came to light candles with the residents, and to sing, play musical instruments and dance with them. Students from the Arnona Masorati School came to deliver sweets, and left feeling that they had received more than they had given, in the form of interaction with our children. Three generations of family members from the French and Israeli Hillel family – which is very active in contributing to and fundraising for ALEH, and participating in its activities – came to distribute presents to the children.  The residents simply could not stop smiling at all the attention and love they were receiving.

Members of Jerusalem’s police force have begun training with residents for the next Jerusalem Marathon. (Each year, policemen and ALEH Jerusalem children participate together in the marathon). During Chanukah, they had an especially fun and challenging workout. Following each circuit of walking, the children were asked to throw a toy jelly-donut into the cut-out “mouth” of a painting of a jelly donut. This added a great deal of fun and holiday cheer to their very challenging practice.

And to top it all off, four residents went to the Zappa Jerusalem music club to hear a concert given by musicians Uri Davidi and David D’Or. The club donated excess, unsold tickets to enable the children to come to the concert, and David D’Or even dedicated a special song to them!

At ALEH, we experience miracles on a daily basis. During Chanukah, our private miracles combine with the historic Chanukah miracle, for a great celebration of light. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all those who helped make Chanukah such a special time for ALEH Jerusalem’s children.